The Company is committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct. Our responsible Board Members have stipulated these standards of conduct in the ‘Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (referred to as - The Code)’. The Code is a reflection of the best business practices and the principles of behavior we are committed to follow. These standards are updated by the Board whenever they need to mirror any legal or regulatory developments.

We expect every member at Clean Science to read and understand the Code. They are required to apply these codes while they carry out his or her responsibilities. The "Code of Ethics and Business Conduct" of the Company is based on the following fundamental principles:

  • Lay solid foundations for management
  • Structure the Board to add value
  • Promote ethical and responsible decision-making
  • Safeguard integrity in financial reporting
  • Make timely and balanced disclosures
  • Respect the rights of the shareholders
  • Encourage enhanced performance
  • Remunerate fairly and responsibly
  • Recognize the legitimate interest of the stakeholders
  • Legal and Statutory compliances in letter and spirit