• p-Methoxy Acetophenone
  • 4-Acetyl Anisole
Molecular Formula

4-MAP is an aromatic chemical compound with an aroma described as sweet & pleasant. It is used as a chemical intermediate in manufacturing of cosmetic additives like Avobenzone.

We have devised an entirely clean, solvent less process to produce 4-MAP. It is a Zero-Discharge plant.

Technical Specification

TestSpecificationTest Method
Appearance (Above 40°C )Colourless LiquidVisual
Assay (Purity)99.50% Min.GC
Melting Point36 – 38 oCMelting Point Apparatus
APHA (Melted Product)50 Max.Lovibond Nessleriser Apparatus
Moisture Content0.10% Max.Karl Fischer Apparatus
Iron Content5 ppm Max.Thiocynate Method