• 2-Methoxy Phenol
  • 1-Hydroxy 2-Methoxy Benzene
  • Ortho Methoxy Phenol
Molecular Formula

Guaiacol is used as a precursor to various flavors such as Eugenol and Vanillin. It is used as key starting material to produce API’s like Guaifenesin, Carvedilol, Ranolazine & Methocarbamol.

Guaiacol is a co-product which is obtained during hydroxylation of Anisole. The process is unique, novel and environment-friendly producing only water as the by-product. We have three independent production lines to produce Guaiacol.

Technical Specification

TestSpecificationTest Method
AppearanceColourless LiquidVisual
Moisture Content0.10% Max.Karl Fischer Apparatus
Boiling Point204 – 206 oCBoiling Point Apparatus
Assay (Purity)99.50% Min.GC
Veratrole0.05% Max.GC
Phenol0.10% Max.GC
Anisole0.005% Max.GC